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Marcelo Veras
Interview on the theme « A Real for the XXIst Century »
by Marcus André Vieira
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Marcelo Veras alerts us to the dangers of genetic interventions aiming at the real of the body.

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in english

Using examples taken from current events, Marcelo Veras presents the danger of wanting to situate what is bad, the real of the malevolent Other, in the body. In absence of the symbolic coordinates with which to treat the real, we wager everything on genetics and brain imaging. The promise of genetic modification occurs when something strays from ideals and norms, as part of a veritable « genetic morality » and what's more, with the idea of a restorative intervention in natura on what is bad.

Translation: Julia Richards

in portuguese

Marcelo situa o perigo da tentativa de localização em nossos dias do mal no corpo. Na ausência de coordenadas simbólicas para o mal, aposta-se tudo na genética e nas imagens cerebrais. Discute-se uma via deturpada da ciência que pretende utilização da modificação genética quando algo se afasta dos ideais e normas vigentes no contexto de uma verdadeira moralidade genética com a promessa de reparação in natura.

Bio & biblio
in french

Marcelo Veras
Directeur de l'École brésilienne de psychanalyse (EBP)