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Simone Souto
Interview on the theme « A Real for the XXIst Century »
by Marcus André Vieira
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Simone Souto opposes the disorder generated by science with that which psychoanalysis starts out from.

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in portuguese

Simone Souto estabelece uma tensão entre a desordem engendrada pela ciência e aquela considerada pela psicanálise – efeito da incidência do significante no corpo. Esta desordem chama-se sintoma, que, portanto, não carece de orientação. A psicanálise se propõe a sustentar esta orientação – e o sujeito que a toma para si – como atitude ética em direção ao real.

Tradução :Ana Lydia Santiago

in english

Simone Souto opposes the disorder generated by science and that which is the point of departure for psychoanalysis – the mark of the signifier on the body. This disorder which makes a symptom is not, for all that, without orientation. Psychoanalysis is proposed to support this orientation – and the subject which makes it his own – as the ethical approach towards the real.

Translation : Samya Seth

Bio & biblio
in english

Simone Souto
Member of the council of l'École brésilienne de psychanalyse (EBP)