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Vicente Palomera
Interview on the theme « A Real for the XXIst Century »
by Leonora Troianovski (ELP)
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Vicente Palomera approches an enigmatic and disruptive real with a tool: the sinthome.

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in spanish

Vicente Palomera nos aproxima al real del siglo XXI, un real que se desplaza, hecho de fragmentos. Un real singular, enigmático, perturbador. Señala una particularidad de los síntomas contemporáneos: la experiencia subjetiva del mundo angustia cuando confronta al "inmundo"*, pero ello no conduce a la pregunta por la opacidad del ser… eso no se sintomatiza fácilmente. La última enseñanza de Lacan nos ofrece una herramienta a la altura de la época: el sinthome.

* Cuando se atraviesan esos objetos –que Lacan llamó "objetos a"- confrontando al "inmundo". Cf. Lacan J., "El triunfo de la religión", pag. 76. Ed. Paidos, Buenos Aires 2005

in english

Vicente Palomera brings us closer to the real in the XXIst century, a shifting, fragmented real. A singular real, both enigmatic and disruptive. He draws our attention to a particularity of contemporary symptoms: the subjective experience of the world causes anxiety when confronted with the « revolting »*, but does not lead to the opacity of being… This is difficult to symptomize. Lacan's last teaching offers us a tool that measures up to the epoch: the sinthome.

Translation : Julia Richards
* When these objects Lacan calls « objects a », get in the way, – « make it such that the world [monde] is revolting [immonde] ». Lacan J., The Triumph of Religion, Cambridge UK, Polity press, 2013, p. 61-62.

Bio & Biblio
in english

Vicente Palomera
Psychoanalyst in Barcelona. AME of the Escuela Lacaniana de Psicoanálisis (ELP) and AE of the WAP (1999-2002)
Teacher at the Departement of Psychoanalysis- Université de Paris VIII.
Coordinating Director of the Sección Clínica de Barcelona
Director of the Collection Escuela Lacaniana de Psicoanálisis at Gredos Editors.