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IXth Congress of the WAP • 14-18 april 2014 • Paris • Palais des Congrès • www.wapol.org

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« A Real for the XXIst Century », is the title for the next Congress of the WAP.
What value is to be given to the indefinite article « A » that opens the title phrase? What does the juxtaposing term « real » signify? The real that we otherwise willingly conceive as being outside of structure and escaping time, can it belong more to one century than to an other? In short, how are we to understand this title?
To lift a few of the defenses that the real spontaneously creates, here are certain questions that we'll make a point of asking psychoanalysts of the WAP.

Interviews by Anaëlle Lebovits-Quenehen (ECF)
Laura Petrosino and Daniela Fernandez (EOL)
Alejandra Atencio, Gabriela Medin, Manuel Montalbán and Leonora Troianovski (ELP)
Marcus André Vieira (EBP)



Jean-Daniel Matet   Leonardo Gorostiza   Angelina Harari
Jean-Daniel Matet
A relation to the real that evolves, the hate inherent to human fraternity reappears there.
  Leonardo Gorostiza
Finding a new name for the real allows to reduce the mark of the trauma.
  Angelina Harari
Renewing the practice to touch the singularity that is disjoined from any universal.
Manuel Fernández Blanco   Jorge Forbes   Mauricio Tarrab
Manuel Fernández Blanco
There is no other politics of the symptom than that of its creation.
  Jorge Forbes
Faced with the real without ideology, put unconscious and responsibility in relation.
  Mauricio Tarrab
Disordre in the real: no key to make order of it!



Eric LaurentEric Laurent

Éric Laurent throws his light on the real in the numeric age for us.

Pierre-Gilles GuéguenPierre-Gilles Guéguen

Psychoanalysis seeks to catch each one's real, immersed in their century..

Christiane AlbertiChristiane Alberti

Christiane Alberti spots the varity of the real in the quasi-dissolution of the difference between the sexes.

Patricia Bosquin-CarozPatricia

Is there a place for the real of psychoanalysis in our century?

Yves-Claude StavyYves-Claude Stavy

questions the locus from which analysts of the WAP intervene in their practice and in their lives.

Ram MandilRam Mandil

Is the real that is in play in the formation of the analyst permeable to the effects of civilization?

Agnès AflaloAgnès Aflalo

The tyranny of the normative will impose genetically modified humans. Let's stick to our guns!

Armand ZaloszycArmand Zaloszyc

This Century is characterised by the negation of that which, in the real, is indefinable.

Jésus SantiagoJésus Santiago

Something of the real without law springs up in the youth demonstrations in Brazil.

Esthela Solano-SuárezEsthela Solano-Suárez

The non-representable real escapes from the ambition of the visible all, of the formalisable all.

Lilia MahjoubLilia Mahjoub

It's only in aiming at the knot of the symptom– RSI, ISR, SIR – that we get at the real.

Ana Ruth NajlesAna Ruth Najles

In the clinic of the 21st century, the prevalence of the body excedes fictions.

Marie-Hélène BrousseMarie-Hélène Brousse

An unconscious that, in being real, cannot be deciphered and by which we choose to be duped.

Hervé CastanetHervé Castanet

insists on the singular relation that each of us has with the real of sex.

Graciela BrodskyGraciela Brodsky

Evokes a leap from the demonstration to the imagination of the real.

Flory KrugerFlory Kruger

Flory Kruger detaches the « A » in « A real » that is at work in the psychoanalytical clinic.

Miquel BassolsMiquel Bassols

Miquel Bassols conceives the real as « a bomb that can explose anytime ».

Vicente PalomeraVicente Palomera

Vicente Palomera approches an enigmatic and disruptive real with a tool: the sinthome.

Juan Carlos IndartJuan Carlos Indart

Juan Carlos Indart talks to us about the analyst's desire in its orientation towards the real.

Carlos IndartPaloma Blanco Díaz

No GPS for the psychoanalyst, but rather an orientation by the real.

Xavier EsquéXavier Esqué

wonders how to make the real speak.

Marcelo VerasMarcelo Veras

alerts us to the dangers of genetic interventions aiming at the real of the body.

Carmen CuñatCarmen Cuñat

The hypermodern subject defends himself against the real, against the unforeseen, with the realism of the image.

Simone SoutoSimone Souto

opposes the disorder generated by science with that which psychoanalysis starts out from.

Félix RuedaFélix Rueda

There is something of the real of the symptom that is missing in the face of this unbearable lightness of being.

Jorge ChamorroJorge Chamorro

underscores how the lawless real expresses itself in contemporary clinic.

Ricardo NepomiachiRicardo Nepomiachi

Elucidating the notion of dismantling the defence in reference to the interpretation backwards.

Jorge ChamorroRômulo Ferreira

compares the real to an unforeseeable and inevitable fuzziness

Luiz FernandoLuiz Fernando

evokes the treatment of a new real that the Church has to deal with.