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IXth Congress of the WAP • 14-18 april 2014 • Paris • Palais des Congrès • www.wapol.org

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Scilicet - Towards the 9th Congress of the WAP

A Real
for the 21st Century

In the 21st century, we note a great disorder in the real. Two discourses are shaking our traditions. The discourse of science touches on the real of sex, procreation, death, impacting the social bond and disrupting the world. And the discourse of capitalism leaves us destitute in the face of the imperatives of free competition and addictive gadgets. The real no longer responds to the "laws of nature", guarantee of yesteryear. Can we rely on the binary capitalism-science to control it?

Capitalism and science would claim to reduce the real to relations of cause and effect. Yet the real always surprises us – there is no sense there, and its effects mark each one of us. Where can we find direction to deal with the lawless real of our times? Psychoanalysts continually examine and renew their practice in light of this question. This volume of Scilicet brings clarity to this challenge with 136 concise texts in alphabetical order, inviting the reader to chance encounters… Anxiety, Bioethics, Clinic, Deciphering…

Faced with the drift engendered by the tide of the dominant discourses, Lacanian psychoanalysis sets the course to find new knottings with the real.

@scilitwitt : Just like tweets: super-short texts that cut to the quick of postmodern issues. Our "scilitwitts" are thus born in this Scilicet.

@scilitwitt : Brainstorming over the Atlantic! Efflorescence of today's issues: abnormality, organic-green, speed dating, internet, ecstasy, universality…

@scilitwitt : Review current affairs, literature, science in relation to the real. Original, surprising, penetrating analyses to enlighten our century.

This publication receives the support of the Council of the World Association of Psychoanalysis

Summary in PDF


Available at the the Congress of the WAP in fives languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English)

You can order it online : ecf-echoppe.com and soon on amazon.uk

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