Un réel pour le XXI sciècle
IXth Congress of the WAP • 14-18 april 2014 • Paris • Palais des Congrès • www.wapol.org

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Bits of Real: write!

The WAP weaves a web open to the real generation
Join the WAP WEB!

In the XXIst century, what disorder in the real! Lawless, it surprizes each and every time.

What's your way of getting at a bit of real ?

By snippets, while lending an ear to the world's uproar?
In raising your lantern above the tides of the death drive?
By skipping across the vast digital expanse?
With a pic poised on a contemporary impossible?
Between the lines with a touch of poetry?

The WAP WEB is open to your Witz, your shards, punctum or to the divine details with which you pin down the contemporary real.

« Bits of the Real», a new thread on the WAP Congress web site www.congresamp2014.com, will publish short papers (no more than 1000 characters) that pin down and shed light on an acute aspect of our modernity, or of current affairs, that bring out the variety and the strangeness of the real we're dealing with in the XXIst century.
These papers can take on very different styles : testimony of a singular itinerary (that of an encounter, an impossible, a surprise, a mark, etc.); a vivid reaction to an image or saying [dire], or a humorous anecdote where the real pierces through, etc.

Send your papers to the following address:
[email protected]

Practical info:
Subject of your mail: Bits of real + first name + FAMILY NAME + country
Document name: first name + FAMILY NAME + country
Open to Members of the WAP (please indicate affiliated School) and to non members active in the WAP field (please indicate your tie : analysand, active in which association, etc.)

Coordination : Caroline Leduc
with Eve Miller-Rose